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The Alliance Navy Field Manual (ANFM)


Together, the following elements form the Field Manual:

Central Command, as later described, sets forth these policies and procedures to serve the members of the Alliance Navy. While our interest in procedure may seem arcane or bureaucratic, these written agreements on how we conduct ourselves have enabled us to weather the difficult situations that would lead other organizations into serious conflict.

Amendments to the ANFM

Except where an alternative authority is set forth (shown in italics for clarity), changes to these documents must not be implemented unilaterally and must only occur upon a successful affirmative vote of Central Command.


Throughout these documents, the following definitions apply (and italics are provided for clarity):

  • “Must” means that a rule or action is applicable and mandatory for all members of the Alliance Navy.
  • “May” means that a rule or action may be undertaken or enforced, consistent with the other obligations a member has under these policies and to their superiors in the chain of command. (Use of “Shall” is avoided.)
  • “Standards” set forth rules or principles that are generally applicable with rare exceptions.
  • “Guidelines” set forth rules or principles that form a framework for the exercise of discretion in decision-making.