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PO2 Gen
Aliases Gen, Mexico Prime, hightax.
Discord hightax#5618
Service 2011 - present
Branch Aviation
Rank E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class
Games Star Citizen Squad


The clear example why second chances are risky. This Spaniard joined the Alliance Navy during one of his long school summers since his former Second Life group closed. He didn't get through basic training and got kicked two days after he was invited in. His heart was broken and promised to bring the Alliance Navy to an end: he managed to sneak back in a few months later.

As a full member, he excelled in concealed terrorism and not get banned for it; "accidentally" removed all the items in the Alliance Navy region, discovered new ways of exploiting the armory and turn them against other fellow members, terrorized many members in Teamspeak and co-ounded a secret foreign guerrilla called Guerrilla Rebels.

His secret plan to destroy the Alliance Navy was progressing succesfuly, reaching the rank of Colonel (O-4). He was given command of alliance Navy's Fleet Division (ANFD) but allowed Raideur Ng to step up as he could deal more damage.

He is known for being the co-founder of a Refugee Camp for Alliance Navy exiles that plotted a terrorist campaign against the Alliance Navy and is a common name for the Alliance Navy Counter-Intelligence Agency.