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CDRE Spooky
Aliases Spooky, Sparky, Spookerton, Jeremy
Discord spooky#0777
Service January 2005 - present
Branch Command
Rank O-6 Commodore
Roles Logistics Officer, Star Citizen Manager
Games Arma, StarCitizen

    Spoopy is most swell,
  He is what we call a bro.
    That is all we know.
- G Rice Man, Mad About Abduction

Inarguably the longest serving member of the Alliance Navy, due to being a pre-founding member and everyone else from the time is dead or missing. Spooky, Sparky, Spookerton, Jeremy, Jerry, or Silky Bitchmittens is responsible for making sure important things like Teamspeak, This Website, and the computers they run on don't die in fire, is impressively endowed with alternate monikers, and also sometimes plays games too. Has been in charge of literally everything including the group as a whole at least twice. Arguably functional alcoholic.